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I'm free!!

Both of my kids are on vacation in New Hampshire with a friend for the week! A whole week! What am I going to do with myself? Oh, that's right, whatever I want!!!!
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ahhhh lazy sundays

i feel like i haven't had a lazy sunday in a really long time. the even stranger thing is that , even though we built shelves for our spare room and cleaned the house, i feel like this was one.

what is wrong with me huh?

off to enjoy the rest of the day

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Second day back from vacation and it is truly a miracle that I survived. State licensors came to look at our records because a 16 year old girl ran away two weeks ago and they are holding the foster parent responsible for this (makes lots of sense huh?) and every social worker in the free world seems to think that it is my problem that they waited to the last minute to try to find a home for their kids. When are these people going to get it through their heads that I will help when I can but, in the end, this falls into the category of "not my problem"

On the up side... my boss and I had a great conversation about quitting altogether and going to work at McDonald's. Then a friend of mine told me that, because I am smart they would probably make me a manager and then I would have to deal with those headaches.

Oh well...

I'm finally home with my darlings so I guess I can save the complaining for another day. Oh, I promised that I would fill everyone watching in on where I have been for the last year... I was abducted by aliens and taken to their leader. I'll give all the details tonight!
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i know you are all probably thinking... HOLY CRAP... but here i am!!

miss me??

remember me??

just wanted to put up a quick post. just take the opportunity to tell ladeefire that i have NO IDEA what MD 20/20 is but.... (tee hee). i'll try to sum up my absence tomorrow or something but right now it is past my bed time.

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Miss Me?

OK, I know that I have been neglecting my duties to keep everyone informed on what is going on in my world. I have also been ignoring my "comment" duties to everyone on my list! In the spirit of the season I hope you will all forgive me. Not that I am trying to give you an excuse but things have been pretty busy around here. In the last few months I have gained two new bedrooms in my house, space for the new bathroom that will be going in soon, and a new kid! No, you didn't miss that much. John and I have become foster parents to a 15 year old girl! That means that I am now the proud mama to two wonderful girls. She officially moved in Saturday (12/22) but she has been in and out of the house for the last three months and has done a lot of work helping us with renovations. She is a wonderful young lady and the best part is that she and Sydney are great buds!

So, I am sorry that I have neglected you all. I probably won't be around too much until everyone gets settled with our new family but wanted to give an update!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Christmas rocks!


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Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about this really really stupid decision that the state agency here in MA was making. I was very annoyed with this decision and have been making a lot of noise within the system ever since.

Finally, today... I WON!! I was able to get someone with some power (in my agency) to meet with someone of power (in the state agency) and finally my clinical points were heard.

The best part? I finally got to call the foster parent involved and deliver GOOD news for a change.

Ah, what a day!
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Well... I'm off!! Finally taking my vacation for the summer!!! WOOO HOOOO

Sydney and I are heading down to Cape Cod today and John will join us there are Thursday. He couldn't get out of work for the entire week (*pout*). We have NO plans other than to sit on the beach. I can't think of anything I would rather do right now.

I'll be sure to check in with everyone when I return. Have a great week!!!!

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Here's the dilemma

There is a little girl in my neighbor that goes to school with Sydney and attends the same summer program. She is a nice kid in that she isn't mean to the other kids around which would be a big "NO NO" here. And she listens if you need to set a limit or correct her behavior on something. Under different circumstances I probably wouldn't mind having her around.

The problem is this... her mother seems to think that this is a daycare center. As soon as they get home at the end of the day, this kid is at my door, ALONE. She is six years old but is allowed to walk to my house by herself. And her mother is very nice but she seems to assume that it is fine for her kid to just be here all the time. Today this little girl showed up at the door and Sydney asked if she could stay for supper. (She appeared yesterday and I fed her because it was dinner time and her mother wasn't answering the phone when she called to get permission. Mom appeared at my house about an hour later.) I said that she would need to check in with her mother and she told Sydney that she had already eaten dinner but that her mother said that she could come and sit with us while we ate dinner. Tonight Sydney was the only one eating as soon as we came home so that was fine but I don't want to get into the habit of having an extra kid here every second.

I guess the reason that I am posting here is for suggestions on what the heck to do. As I mentioned, her mother is really nice. We chat at soccer games but that is all that I know of her. I certainly don't know her well enough for her to assume that her kid can just stay indefinitely.

Any suggestions?

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OK, so I know that to most of you that doesn't really mean a single thing! However, yesterday morning when I woke up, my entire house was white. A few weeks before that, the house was white but the trim was dark gray. Do you see where I am going with this.

So I broke down and ended my fear of commitment to a color for my house. I was on my way to Home Depot to buy some new paint brushes and decided, what the heck. The name of the color is Nacho! LOL

So now the body of the house is almost all yellow (we need a 40 foot ladder to finish the highest points). All of the trim is white. It looks soooo pretty!!

Just had to share my excitement. You are all welcome to come on over and check it out!!
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Friday the 13th...

Good luck or bad luck?

On Fridays I spend the day supervising a visit for some of the children that I work with so that they can see their parents. Today I didn't really feel like making the trip (163 miles round trip) but I went to pick up the kids anyway because I would have felt awful if I had bagged out. The visit was cancelled... good luck!

The reason that the visit was cancelled is that the kids had a TB test done yesterday and they seem to be having a reaction to it. We took them to the doctor instead so that other testing can be done to make sure that they don't have TB. I spend lots of time with these kids... bad luck!

So after getting everyone checked out (and being told that they can't tell anything yet and need to return to the doctor tomorrow) I got to take the rest of the day off... good luck!

My boyfriend was waiting for results of an exam that he took back in May. The results were scheduled to be posted today. We waited and kept checking the site to see if he had passed. So were 40,000 other people so it was near impossible to get into the site. We finally got in only to find out that he did not pass the exam. He is very disappointed... bad luck!

My friend took in the placement of her first foster child today. We don't have much information at this point so, at this point,... good luck!

Overall, I guess I am one up on the "good luck" side. Some disappointments but on the whole it wasn't an awful day.

Hope that everyone survived Friday the 13th!!